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Costes Tango Argentino     + 61 423 350 014

Argentine Tango Teacher


Carlos specializes in teaching traditional Argentine Tango to both couples and individuals, and has taught for more than 30 years in Argentina, Latin America, Europe, Australia, USA, Asia and South Africa. He teaches both group and private lessons, including ladies’ and mens’ technique classes.

In Buenos Aires, Carlos taught group classes at the well respected Escuela Argentina de Tango and at many of the most famous millings, including Gricel and Viejo Correo. He moved to Sydney in 2015 and teaches group and private lessons in his own school, Costes Tango Argentino.



2019: Argentina

2018: Vietnam, Cambodia (Performances)

2017: Australia (Tasmania) Indonesia (Bali, Java) Performances

2016: Australia (Tasmania, Byron Bay, Melbourne, Sunshine Coast)

2015: Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Australia

2014: Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, USA
2013: Austria, Czech Republic, France, England

2012: USA, Turkey, Israel, Australia

2011: South Africa, Australia, USA
2010: Uruguay, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, USA

2009: Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, France, USA

2008: Sweden, Denmark, France, South Africa 2007: Sweden, Denmark, South Africa

2007: Sweden, Denmark, South Africa

2006: Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Czech Republic