2019: Argentina

2018: Vietnam, Cambodia (Performances)
2017: Australia (Tasmania) Indonesia (Bali, Java) Performances

2016: Australia (Tasmania, Byron Bay, Melbourne, Sunshine


2015: Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Australia

2014: Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, USA

2013: Austria, Czech Republic, France, England

2012: USA, Turkey, Israel, Australia

2011: South Africa, Australia, USA

2010: Uruguay, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, USA

2009: Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, France, USA

2008: Sweden, Denmark, France, South Africa 2007: Sweden, Denmark, South Africa

2007: Sweden, Denmark, South Africa 2006: Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Czech Republic

2006: Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Czech Republic

Carlos Costes

The Argentinian instructor, Carlos Costes, learned Tango as a child from his grandparents. He then studied professionally with: Silvia Ratti, Martin Marchese, Juan Carlos Copes, Raul Bravo and Olga Besio, and has taught and danced professionally for 34 years in Buenos Aires and all over the world. You will fall in love with the dance, with the music and with the Argentine culture, as Carlos infuses his classes with information about the history and culture of the dance. His passion and love of Tango shine through.
Carlos will teach you the basics and have you dancing socially very quickly. Anyone can learn Tango. It’s fun and can be enjoyed by people of all ages and all fitness levels. The lessons are suitable for anybody, even for those who have never danced a step.